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Elimination/Provocation Detoxification

The least expensive and most accurate method to discover food intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies is through and Elimination/Provocation diet. In this detox program, you will embark on an amazing healthy eating learning experience. During a six-week period, you will detoxify your body, heal the lining of your digestive tract, balance your blood sugar, and discover any food sensitivities that may be compromising your health. In the beginning, the process may be difficult, as you will be giving up many of your favorite foods for this short time period; you may experience a few minor withdrawal symptoms in the beginning, but after the first few days pass, you will begin to feel great and full of energy. By the end of the three-week elimination phase, you may feel so good that you may not want to reintroduce any of the foods that were making you feel less than your best. Food sensitivities are a major factor in many chronic health issues such as, adrenal problems, digestive issues, weight gain, skin problems, and headaches.

It may seem that the challenge of the elimination diet is denying yourself the foods that you love to eat, but after your body becomes clean, the careful reintroduction of foods becomes the challenge. To get the most out of this healthy eating experience, the reintroduction of foods should be done systematically. If you give in to your desire for your favorite meal at the end of the three weeks, without reintroducing the potentially allergenic foods in the proper manner, you will waste all of your hard work from the elimination phase. For this reason, we guide you carefully through the Reintroduction/Provocation process, teaching you how to test out each food to determine if it could be one of the factors that are keeping you from feeling your best.

During the Elimination Detox program you will receive:

  • Personalized food list and instructions for the Elimination/Provocation diet program
  • Email/telephone consultations during the program to help with cravings, provide effective reintroduction of foods, and interpret reactions from food reintroduction
  • Individualized food list and sample rotation diet when the process is over

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