Supporting Health through Hormonal Shifts with
Personalized Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Counseling is founded upon the belief that longevity and optimal health is based on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

Kathy Westover - Women's NutritionistWithout access to abundant, good-quality real food, it is impossible to achieve the vibrant energy, brilliant brain, and optimal hormone balance that we all desire in hormonal shifts.

Fort Collins women's nutritionist Kathy Westover is a functional health care practitioner who strives to find the root cause of ill health. She specializes in helping perimenopausal women (and andropausal men) navigate the waters of healthy hormonal shifts and beyond.

It is neither natural nor normal for you to feel tired, depressed, overweight, and sleep deprived as you move into your later years. In fact, with the kids out of the house, financial stability, and the gift of experience, you should be having the best years of your life. But for many, this is not the case. The hormonal aging transition of perimenopause and menopause is expected and natural but can be influenced by many environmental factors like unhealthy foods, stress, chronic health conditions, inflammation, and poor sleep. These factors can make an already bumpy ride into a nightmare roller coaster. Nutrition therapy can help you thrive and experience healthy aging!

Kathy assesses you as a whole individual and collaborates with you to achieve a healthy, happy hormonal hormonal shift and maintain optimal health for the rest of your life. She does this through the use of real, unprocessed foods, nutritional supplements, diet analysis, and lifestyle modifications.

Contact To Your Health Nutrition today and feel better than ever with fully customized nutrition therapy, diet analysis, and Lifestyle Healthcare services.

"Kathy brings science, personal experience, a sense of humor, and a warm heart to her practice."

— Michelle Brodsky

Functional Nutrition Therapy & Lifestyle Healthcare

  • Analyzes all lifestyle factors in conjunction with nutrition to promote exceptional health
  • Addresses and corrects nutritional deficiencies
  • Offers diet analysis and targeted, individualized meal planning
  • Promotes healthy body composition
  • Stresses prevention of disease
  • Provides supportive care for chronic health conditions
  • Works side-by-side with other health care providers
Lifestyle Healthcare is the foundation of a vibrant health throughout your lifespan!

Lifestyle Healthcare looks at your health and life in total; knowing that you cannot improve your health until you make changes in what you do everyday. This process looks at nutrition, movement, and lifestyle habits and creates a partnership between you and your practitioners to achieve your health goals. Kathy is here to help you thrive and flourish in every stage of your life!

“Let me be your guide on the road to vibrant health through nutrition therapy and lifestyle healthcare!”

— Kathy Westover, MA, MNT, FMCHC and Women's Nutritionist

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Are you ready to thrive and flourish during your hormonal transitions?

Schedule your Complimentary Consultation with women's nutritionist, Kathy Westover, MA, MNT, FMCHC today and begin your journey to feeling great. Kathy helps women from all over the country gain insight and get real results from the power of nutrition.

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