Perimenopause inflammation causing woman to be uncomfortably hot

The Three Health “Thugs” that Influence Perimenopause – Part 1: Perimenopause Inflammation

  While working with perimenopausal and menopausal women, I have come to realize that this normal hormonal transition is becoming more dysfunctional and challenging to navigate. Minor changes in sleep, weight, mood, and energy are normal at this time, but I am seeing women with debilitating fatigue, sleep disorders, significant weight gain, and cognitive changes. […]

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Beginning Perimenopause

My Periods are Getting Weird…is this Perimenopause? A Summary of Beginning Perimenopause

Are you experiencing any of the following perimenopause symptoms: • Unusually heavy or light menstrual flow? • Shorter menstrual cycle lengths (≤25 days)? • New sore, swollen, and or lumpy breasts? • New or increased menstrual cramps? • New mid-sleep wakening? • Onset of night sweats, especially around flow? • New or increased migraine headaches? […]

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Fort Collins, Colorado, empty hiking trail

A Little Bit About Me

You know what I realized the other day… I don’t think I have ever written about who I am and why I do what I do. My passion in life is to help middle-aged women feel as vibrant and look as fabulous as they did in their thirties. I am “62 years young” and I […]

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woman sleeping on white sheets to your health nutrition

Menopause and Sleep

Menopause and sleep are not always easy to combine. However, good sleep is essential for a healthy menopause. Time waits for no man… or woman, for that matter. We know it every morning when we wake up and look into the mirror and wonder what happened to that twenty-year-old cutie that used to stare back […]

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