Perimenopause inflammation causing woman to be uncomfortably hot

The Three Health “Thugs” that Influence Perimenopause – Part 1: Perimenopause Inflammation

  While working with perimenopausal and menopausal women, I have come to realize that this normal hormonal transition is becoming more dysfunctional and challenging to navigate. Minor changes in sleep, weight, mood, and energy are normal at this time, but I am seeing women with debilitating fatigue, sleep disorders, significant weight gain, and cognitive changes. […]

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glowing blue closeup of a microscopic DNA strand

What I Just Learned from Ben Lynch, Part 1

I love to figure out how things work. I have always been like this… I remember getting into big trouble on my 11th Christmas when I completely dismantled the transistor radio that was my “special present” to figure out how it worked. (Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to put it back together again.) […]

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elderly woman experiencing menopause relief through diet to your health nutrition

Menopause Relief

Turn Your MenoPause into MenoGo Learn how to get menopause relief. You can turn your menopause into menoGoMenopause. Interesting word. The dictionary defines it as “the ceasing of menstruation”. Pretty straightforward; nothing dire or life-threatening. But if you type it in to a word search on web, you come up with medical definitions that involve […]

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flames in the shape of a heart, heartburn relief from to your health nutrition

Health Pearl – Inflammation is the Devil

So here I am, ready to write about the “healthy pearls of wisdom” that I learned while at the IFM conference last month in Scottsdale. At first I wondered where I should begin and then I remembered the three things that Dr Mark Houston drummed into our heads for three and a half days…all cardiometabolic […]

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Confessions of a Certified Nutritionist

Hello my gustatory friends! I am a certified nutritionist. My job is to help people improve their health and life by changing what and how they eat. I believe that this is necessary to bring our planet back into balance again since eating well will heal the individual which in turn will heal the environment. […]

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