Middle age does not mean we have to be fat, old, tired and cranky

I am eternally grateful for Kathy’s contribution to my rediscovered good health. I came to Kathy after I did an elimination diet on my own to try to find the root causes of my migraines. When I cleaned up my diet I realized I no longer had joint pain (I thought I was just getting old), nor did I have uncontrollable mood swings (I thought I just had to accept that PMS affected me dramatically), and I did not need naps after lunch (I thought I just needed to power through that drag in the middle of the day). Then, I tried to reintroduce foods and could not find any that I could eat without experiencing the symptoms that I had grown to prefer not to have! I went to Kathy. After testing, vitamin and mineral supplementation and a specific list of foods to eat and avoid, I am able to maintain this feeling of well-being and realize that middle age does not mean we have to be fat, old, tired and cranky.

Thank you, Kathy!!

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