Confessions of a Certified Nutritionist

Hello my gustatory friends!

Basket of VegetablesI am a certified nutritionist. My job is to help people improve their health and life by changing what and how they eat. I believe that this is necessary to bring our planet back into balance again since eating well will heal the individual which in turn will heal the environment.

Most people think that a nutritionist’s world is full of kale chips, brown rice, and mung beans with a tart apple for dessert, but that is not my reality at all. In fact, I regularly consume foods that much of the mainstream dietary community would frown upon. Yet I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in any of my fifty-some years. This blog is created so that I can confess my ‘dietary sins’ to the world, provide scientific basis for my straying from conformity, and maybe even tempt some of you to sin along with me…yes, even with kale chips!

Bon appetit!

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