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Health Pearl – Inflammation is the Devil

So here I am, ready to write about the “healthy pearls of wisdom” that I learned while at the IFM conference last month in Scottsdale. At first I wondered where I should begin and then I remembered the three things that Dr Mark Houston drummed into our heads for three and a half days…all cardiometabolic […]

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“Health Pearls” I want to share with you

I am on fire right now! I have just returned from the Institute of Functional Medicine‘s Annual Conference and International Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference title was “A New Era in Preventing, Managing, and Reversing Cardiovascular and Metabolic Dysfunction ”. The whole experience was amazing for me: meeting and dialoguing with many like-minded healthcare […]

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Confessions of a Certified Nutritionist

Hello my gustatory friends! I am a certified nutritionist. My job is to help people improve their health and life by changing what and how they eat. I believe that this is necessary to bring our planet back into balance again since eating well will heal the individual which in turn will heal the environment. […]

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